Growing up in Atoka, Oklahoma, one of the things I remember most is my parents driving me to Ada to pick out my new bike. By the age of 12 any bike I had were hand me downs. With both of my parents being school teachers, we didn't have a lot of money to spend, however we spent over $300 for a new "English Racer". An English Racer is what a road bike is today.

Having cousins in Oklahoma City I was exposed to the English Racer type of bike, but as far as I know I was one of the first to have one in the small town of Atoka. Most kids wanted a bike with 20 inch wheels and not the 27 inch that an English Racer had.

My dad was sure if he spent that much on a bike he was getting one that I wouldn't grow out of in a few years, so we came home with a full size bike that a man of six feet would ride. I remember having to find a street curb to mount my bike. Eventually I developed a technique to get on my bike and get moving without a curb.

I was always taking things apart just to see how all the moving parts worked together. We would take bikes apart, use spare parts sent by our OKC cousins, and make new moving contraptions to race down the old high school hill... usually with no brakes.

After a few years I decided to strip my bike down and give it a new paint job. Over the years I did this three times and it was always cherry red. This bike was part of me for thirty years and it was my main transportation at OSU and then SOSU.

Almost 40 years later I decided to put a bike shop in Ada. I talked to a few shop owners, my banker, and friends. Friends and family strongly discouraged me and though I had gone over the deep end.

I spent close to six months renovating and preparing a storefront just off of Main Street. I only shared this information with a handfull of people. It was a leap of faith. I was determined to make a go at this and there was no changing my mind. I felt that there was a niche for a bike shop in Ada. I knew that if could get people on quality bikes their enjoyment level would go up and perhaps they would develop the same passion for the bike as I have.

Cycling is a great way to develop kids physically and it can develop a sense of responsibility. It is a great low impact exercise for aging adults. Cycling can be something that the whole family can take part in together. Now with the variety of bicycles on the market, a consumer can find something that is comfortable and enjoyable to ride.