Benefits of Cycling

Cycling can be a great source of enjoyable exercise for the whole famly. Fitness instructors agree that you will be more likely to stick with an exercise program that is enjoyable. Cycling is not only fun but it is also a good cardiovascular workout with very low impact to one's body.

People with feet, knee, and back problems can benefit from riding a bicycle. Cycling is an option for those that have conditions that prevent walking and running.

Why ride a bike?

Here's a list of the "Health Benefits of Cycling" by Joe Friel, a nationally known author and personal fitness trainer (note that this is Joe's short list):

  1. Promotes a healthy heart
  2. Improves blood chemistry, including HDL "Good Cholesterol"
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Decreases risk of Cancer
  5. Builds stronger bones
  6. Reduces the chance of Diabetes (now at epidemic levels in the U.S.)
  7. Promotes greater muscle strength
  8. Reduces stress
  9. Decreases chronic pain (arthritis, back pain and more)
  10. Improves digestion, lung function, and joint flexibility